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Digital Pianos - Which Brand Should I Buy?

Posted by Blake Cooper

Oct 16, 2013 7:00:00 AM

Many customers ask for advice when they are looking at buying digital pianos. I decided to put digital pianostogether a buying guide to help you and other people choose the right digital piano to purchase. Given that most of my customers take piano lessons on full-sized, conventional pianos, I am going to advise you from this particular angle, but I will add other factors that may be useful as well.

Consider the 88-Key Digital Piano

It is advisable that you purchase a digital piano that has 88 keys, because it makes it much easier for you to transition back and forth from a smaller keyboard to a full-sized instrument. Playing the piano is a muscular and visual activity and if you get used to a smaller digital piano, it can be difficult to adapt to a full-sized instrument.

Weighted Action

In the past, a customer one day told me that he played a cheap keyboard and noticed that the keys felt thin, as if they were made out of plastic. He never wanted to play a keyboard ever again because of the keys. I told him that he should have played a keyboard with weighted keys, because these keys were akin to an acoustic piano.

Therefore, if you want to look at digital pianos to purchase, you should ask the piano dealer to show the models with weighted keys. Keep in mind that non-weighted keys offer a much different action type that can be relatively distracting to most individuals.

Velocity Sensitivity

Playing a digital piano without velocity sensitivity can certainly destroy your concept and touch of dynamics, as there will be none. This may sound complicated to you, but what this means is that the harder you press a key, the louder the sound will be that it emits, and that is precisely what you want, because it helps you to become a better player. Playing dynamics on acoustic pianos require the proper method and touch, so it is imperative that you buy a digital piano that comes with velocity sensitivity.

If you do not know how to determine if the digital piano has this feature, simply play a tune softly, and then, hard, and take notice if the volume varies. If there is a change in the volume, then the piano most definitely comes with this particular feature.

Headphones are Importantdigital piano atlanta

When customers come in to my store to purchase a digital piano, I often advise them to purchase a set of headphones as well. Most upcoming musicians like to practice at night, thus, having a set of headphones allows them to plug in and practice without disturbing other people around them. All digital pianos consist of a headphone jack, but to be sure, it does not hurt to make 100% sure, before you purchase the instrument.

Choose a Brand that You Know

There are various brands that produce quality digital pianos. My advice is usually to go with a brand that you know well and have heard of before. Yamaha and Korg produce high quality keyboards and pianos, and they are widely known throughout the industry. If you are not familiar with these brands, then you should talk to friends or other piano students to find out more about the brands that they are familiar with.

Alternatively, you can ask piano teachers or piano dealers in your neighborhood. Obtaining information or recommendations from people who have hands-on experience with various digital piano brands are always extremely useful. I would furthermore advise you to test a few different units before you make your final decision.

Which brand of digital pianos have you heard of or played before?

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Reasons Why Digital Pianos Are For You

Posted by Blake Cooper

Sep 9, 2013 7:00:00 AM

Piano is a once in a lifetime purchase and I would simply consider a good quality digital piano.kawai digital piano Digital pianos are known as a wise choice due to the fact that they perform better as compare to the old and outdated acoustic ones.

There are several reasons that determine digital piano as the right choice-

Stays Tuned-

A typical acoustic piano is affected by atmospheric changes such as humidity and temperature, which influence the strain and eventually on the tuning of the strings. Acoustic pianos need regular tuning by professionals. Digital pianos are advanced and are resistant to such atmospheric changes.

Volume Control-

I can practice 24/7 on my digital piano without troubling my family or neighbors which is completely impossible with an acoustic set. The digital pianos have individual volume control levels that make sure the volume of the instrument is according to your requirements. Moreover, I can always use my headphone jacks if I want to play the piano anywhere at any time.

Affordable Rates-

As a piano student, it’s not possible to buy an acoustic piano, whether it’s horizontal or vertical. The prices are unaffordable for the beginners who have just started the learning process. Digital pianos are cheap and reasonable as compare to typical pianos. A digital piano with exceptional features may cost a few more bucks but usually high quality digital pianos are within the range of majority students.

Occupy Less Space-

Acoustic pianos require a considerable space in the home, while digital pianos can be kept wherever the user wants. Digital piano is smaller in size and can be moved easily anywhere because of the light weight.

Better Features-

Electronic or digital pianos have all the features available, even better than acoustic ones. Headphones, volume control, recording, touch control, harpsichord, organ and strings are present in every digital piano. However some electronic pianos may provide much more than these features but these are the least that one should expect.


Unlike acoustic pianos, digital pianos offer the advantage of recording the piano music with just a push of a button. I have created an album of all the tunes that I have learned during my piano lessons. Recording my performance and listening to it has helped me in recognizing my errors and improving my tunes.

Instrumental Sounds-

Digital piano offers a variety of instrumental sounds to experiment for students. I can employ use of those different sounds to enhance the quality of music as well and use my creativity to create new tunes.

No Maintenance Costs-digital pianos

A Digital piano almost has no maintenance costs such as tuning etc. There is no need to worry about regular tunings, tewirings and re-felting the hammers. Digital piano is operates electronically, so incase of any repairing, an electronic expert can perform the task efficiently. Regular maintenance of acoustic pianos is must, if they are to be kept in a working condition for times to come.

Key Selection-

Digital piano is a comfortable shifting from a real piano primarily because of the key sensitivity. The keys of the digital piano actually imitate the keys of an acoustic piano including the complete set of 88 keys. This makes it easy for those who need to shift from an acoustic piano to a digital piano without making any drastic efforts.

By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, you can easily decide whether or not digital piano is the right selection for you. How do you expect the digital piano to be better than your existing one?


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Whats New In The Piano Showroom

Posted by Blake Cooper

Jul 22, 2013 7:00:00 AM

Piano manufacturers are constantly designing and producing new pianos and keyboards. Every Piano Showroomyear, I look forward to the very latest designs and features presented on the new models, and most of the time; I am never disappointed with the choices that are available. Let’s have a look at what is new in the piano showroom currently:

Digital Pianos

Yamaha, Korg, and Casio have recently produced digital pianos that are priced below $1,000. These are digital piano models that offer 88 weighted keys. If you are looking to purchase an affordable digital piano, you will surely not be disappointed with the various impressive alternatives below, which can certainly offer any piano player an exceptionally gratifying piano playing experience.

In addition, these digital pianos are remarkable to the point that they produce an extremely good quality and exclusive sound, and they can be much more enjoyable for players who have higher playing skill levels. These improved digital pianos sound a lot more like acoustic pianos too.

Yamaha Digital Pianos

In the piano showroom, you will find all the six latest models from the well known brand, Yamaha. These new models are the P35, P105, DGX640, YDPS31, P155, and YDP135R. The Yamaha P35 is relatively basic and uses a lower quality key action, pedal system, piano sound chip, and speaker system. Nonetheless, it can be more than satisfactory depending on your budget and musical needs. The YDPS31 is akin to the YDP135R except that it comes in a compact cabinet. Keep in mind that while the P155 is priced below $1,000, it does not come with pedals, a bench or a stand.

Korg Digital Pianos

Not many piano showrooms carry the Korg digital piano brand, but it does not hurt to find out what sort of instruments they have to offer the music market. Currently, this brand has two models that are available at less than $1,000 per unit – the SP170S and the SP280. According to the reviews that I read until now, not many people are very impressed with the SP170S model, mainly due to its velocity sound response, key action, and dynamics.

These features are actually the most essential ones to consider when you are considering a digital piano. Other players have stated that they do not like the sound selection system and the cabinet (as it looks extremely artificial or looks like plastic compared to other brands). The SP280 is the substitute for the older version, the SP250, and is a lot better. It comes with an upgraded speaker system and a newer key action.

Casio Digital Pianosyamaha digital pianos

Casio offers seven new models that are truly within your means and are available for under $1,000. The new models are as follows:

- Basic CDP120

- The Privia PX150

- PX350

- PX750 (compact cabinet model)

- PX780 (compact cabinet model)

- AP250 (full size cabinet model)

- PX5S (new Pro Digital Stage Piano) – this particular model has no built-in speakers and is mainly for players who perform in a church, on stage, in a studio, school plays, etc. If you choose to purchase this model, you will have to use your own speakers or powered monitors. Nonetheless, it has more flexibility in terms of sound and live instrument effects that offer controlling abilities.

As previously mentioned, not all piano showrooms carry these brands. My piano showroom carries a wide selection of Yamaha digital pianos, but if you are looking to obtain any of the aforementioned models (aside from Yamaha), it is best that you conduct as much online research as you can with reference to these brands and the various piano dealers that might carry these brands. Furthermore, try to read as many reviews as you can, because they can assist you in making the most accurate decision.



image 2: http://pixabay.com/en/play-piano-piano-piano-keys-finger-7626/

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Do You Know Your Options Of Yamaha Digital Pianos?

Posted by Blake Cooper

Mar 5, 2013 7:00:00 AM

If you feel that you cannot afford the frequent and pricey maintenance of an acoustic piano, but yamaha digital pianosyou are in need of a musical instrument that closely resembles sound of an upright piano, you have one of numerous quality Yamaha Digital Pianos to choose from. Below, you will find several options that are exceptional and affordable.

The choices below are piano-focused digital pianos and most of them normally present various sounds. However, they are well-known for their replication of sound and touch of an acoustic piano, except that they are portable.

Portable digital piano exclusive of speakers

This instrument will require a stand and an amplifier. If you want to customize your setup or plug-in to a professional sound system, this would be an ideal choice.

Portable digital piano inclusive of speakers

It serves the same purpose as the one mentioned above, but you do not need an amplifier, since it comes with speakers. It is a lot more portable, saves money, and space, as you do not need to purchase additional equipment. If it does not come with a matching stand, you should consider buying a sturdy folding stand, so that the digital piano does not wobble.

Home-style digital piano

The home-style digital piano is rather light, but it is not created to be moved around as often as the other keyboards. It tends to have enhanced quality speakers and the touch is said to be exceptional. This particular keyboard has an impressive wood finish too.

Now, here are a few choices of affordable and remarkable Yamaha Digital Pianos:

Yamaha Digital Piano P-95

The entry-level model found in the P series keyboards, P-95 is designed to be affordable and compact with an additional on-board speaker, as well as an optional matching stand. I feel that the Graded Hammer Standard Action bears a resemblance to a Yamaha acoustic piano’s action. You will find a number of additional sounds in this keyboard.

Although it is as basic as it gets, it still has a satisfactory level of overall superiority. The P-95 costs between $550 and $750, depending on where you shop, and if you are looking for a used digital piano, you might want to consider the P-85, as it is almost similar and you can obtain it for less money.

digital pianos

Yamaha Digital Piano P-155

P-155 is similar to the P-95 but with an overall improvement. The action or touch response is made to imitate a grand piano, and the audio samples are extracted from a grand piano with an enhanced resolution sound. While it has the same style akin to the P-95, it actually comes with better sounds, touch, more sounds/tones, and a USB port make recording much easier. At the stores, you can buy it for around $1,000.

Yamaha YDP-141 or Yamaha YDP-135R

These are the home-style digital pianos and the main dissimilarity between the two keyboards is the grand piano action versus the upright piano action, the ability to use ½ pedals, and an upgrade in the tonal quality. They are light and they do not take as much space in the house. However, they are meant to be situated in the living room, as that will help to reverberate the sound that they produce.

Compared to some of the other Yamaha Digital Pianos, the YDP-141 and YDP-135R offer a more precise piano experience. The maintenance cost is non-existent, which makes them a good buy. The YDP-141 costs from $1,200 to $1,500, while the YDP-135R is around $1,000 to $1,200.

Have you ever considered buying a Yamaha Digital Piano? 



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Finding The Perfect Yamaha Keyboard

Posted by Blake Cooper

Jan 16, 2013 7:00:00 AM

When I think of electronic keyboards, I cannot help to think of the Yamaha keyboard brand, yamaha pianoswhich has been around for many years. The brand has established itself as one the very best and is a true leader in the keyboarding and music industry. Yamaha offers a wide range of portable keyboards and digital pianos that are extremely popular with hobbyists all over the world, and numerous world-famous musicians have made the Yamaha keyboard their first choice as well.

Yamaha has always had the answer to all my digital piano needs. They offer something for almost every taste and with the amazing technology on offer and the realistic piano sounds that can be created with one of their keyboards, it is never necessary to spend loads of money on something such as a grand piano.

It is great that Yamaha offers so many different keyboard models, but this can also be somewhat of a problem for most people, especially first-time buyers. I was facing this problem a while back and I had no idea how to choose the perfect model for my personal requirements. In the end, the following steps helped me tremendously:

How to make sure that you select the ideal Yamaha keyboard

1. The first thing I did was to decide what number of keys I wanted. Yamaha offers 32, 49, 61, 76 and 88 keys on their keyboards. I wanted something that was close enough to an acoustic type piano, so I ended up choosing the 88 keys, which is the closest I could get. The keyboards with fewer keys are perfect if portability is very important and they are definitely more affordable too.

2. Next, it is essential to compare the touch responses. Again, I was looking for something that could reproduce the sounds of an acoustic type piano, so I chose a keyboard that offered weighted keys. I found the Clavinovas and Arius from Yamaha to be one of the best available digital pianos on the market. They have perfectly weighted keys that have no problem to imitate the sounds produced by a quality acoustic piano.

3. Evaluating the sound library of the Yamaha keyboard is the next thing that is vital to do. It is important to select a keyboard that offers an extensive variety of sounds. It does not matter if I am a hip-hop or classical pianist, it remains crucial to buy a Yamaha keyboard that can be usedYamaha Keyboards to produce almost any type of sound with. This allowed me to create brand new beats and melodies, as well as diversify my own playing style.

4. Make sure to examine the keyboard’s recording capabilities. I wanted to record each one of my own compositions, so I selected a Yamaha keyboard that offered the 16-track capability, which is perfect for recording. This keyboard allows me to lay down and record the sequences of 16 different sounds and instruments. I had the option of keyboards that offer as little as 2 tracks, but I was told to use 16 if I wanted the best results.  

5. Always select a Yamaha keyboard that offers Internet connectivity. Most of today’s keyboards are equipped to effortlessly connect to any laptop or PC, but Yamaha offers Internet Direct Connect. This feature is amazing, as it allows me to download any scores and songs directly to my keyboard from the Internet.

If the above steps are followed, it will become much easier to select the perfect Yamaha keyboard that will suit any personal requirements.  




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Yahama Digital Piano For Sale

Posted by Blake Cooper

Dec 21, 2012 7:00:00 AM

digital pianoWhen hunting for the perfect gift for your child or grandchild, it can be tough to find something when they already have everything. Instead of just giving up and handing them a gift card or yet another video-game that will eventually be forgotten over time, invest in a lifetime purchase and start creating instant memories with a Yamaha digital piano. I know when I bought my child a digital piano, they were incredibly excited and it is a gift that has many rewards in the long run!

For example, say you buy a digital piano for your child. If they don't know how to play piano, this will be a great opportunity for them to sign them up for classes with a reputable, professional teacher who can teach them in a private, one-to-one setting (if they feel shy about their playing), or let them join up with a training group with kids close to his or her age and let them make new friends.

Once they have started to learn to play, they can start to branch out and learn music they want to learn--including all of the newest music popular right now! That digital piano has then already paid for itself by being used for practice, performances, and leading your child into the discovery of music.

There are tons of different digital pianos out there and it can feel a bit challenging to find the perfect one. I felt overwhelmed myself when looking for the perfect one, but, piano sales associates can be incredibly helpful and will answer any questions you might have, no matter how simple they may be. Most piano sellers are former professional pianists or even current professional pianists with tons of background knowledge about both traditional and digital pianos. However, most sellers like to praise Yamaha and their pianos.yamaha digital piano

Why do the piano sellers choose the Yamaha digital piano? I found this run-down extremely helpful:

  • Yamaha has excellent warranties for all of its pianos. Most parts or entire pianos will be replaced.

  • Being one of the most popular brands, digital pianos made by Yamaha are interchangeable.

  • Yamaha's digital pianos offer weighted keys on the keyboard, making the switch between a traditional piano and digital much smoother and provides authenticity.

  • With a digital piano, kids won't be bored by "older" musical styles and can learn newer mediums of making music with a piano--piano practice doesn't have to be a chore anymore!

I know it can seem like a lot to take in, especially when there's so many brands out there to consider, but, Yamaha continues to be a go-to brand for all sorts of musicians. Whether your child or grandchild is just beginning or has a background in music, I think the Yamaha digital piano will be the best bet. They also can be found at pretty much all piano stores with tons of accessories and helpful guides when a salesperson or expert can't be reached.

For that next special gift for a birthday or the Holidays, consider a Yamaha digital piano for a once in a lifetime investment that will continuously bring entertainment to you and your family.

Do you think a digital piano makes for a great gift for children?  






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Yamaha Digital Pianos Come In A Wide Range Of Prices

Posted by Blake Cooper

Oct 17, 2012 7:00:00 AM

Quality Pianos

Are you a fan of classical music? Have you ever considered buying your own piano? For anyone who is a novice or professional pianist, look no further than Yamaha Digital Pianos. The Yamaha Digital Piano Collection has a wide range of prices and sizes to choose from, each adding its own splendor of classic design, style and quality. Cooper Music has some ofdigital-pianos the best Yamaha Digital Pianos in the business, all available at a different price value. 

Digital Yamahas

The Avant Grand digital piano is the latest in technology from Yamaha. This grand piano has spacial acoustic sampling, with samples of the actual vibrations inside the soundboard. The Avant Grand is engineered with the sounds of a grand piano in four different locations; left, right, center & rear, giving you the same quality sound you would get from a grand piano used in a concert hall.  The four channel multi-speakers add to the illustrious texture of the sound, each speaker with its own amplifier filtering out the elements in each sound. The samples were carefully chosen from Yamaha's CFIIIS full concert grand piano. The Avant Grand's Tactile Response System replicates the bass range and reverberates sound through the piano with two transducers in the soundboard.

If you want a compact digital piano, the Modus Yamaha is the perfect size and style for the novice piano player. This 88-note Natural Wood Keyboard offers you the quality of a grand piano, three-level AWM tone generation and 64-note polyphony. The Modus also features; USB port for playback used with Thumb Drive and built-in 40 watt X2 sound system, sure to provide you with the best sound quality available. 

In Stock Yamaha

Yamaha Arius YDP-C71PE not only looks great, but it plays like a dream. This digital Yamahayamaha-digital-piano has a natural tone & touch, the ideal piano for any home. Arius features 3-level AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling, used for producing sounds which are authentic and natural to the pianist. You can control the pitch of your sounds by using a half-damper effect on the pedal. This piano has a classic look with its luxurious polished ebony finish, sure to look great in your living room. Get the most effect from the Yamaha Arius with its Dual Voice feature, which allows you to hear two different instrument sounds played at once. The Arius 2-Track song recorder is great for hearing your recording played during practice or mastering a difficult note. 

If you are searching for the best in digital pianos, Yamaha Digital Pianos are the best in quality, sound and style. These digital pianos can be purchased using Cooper Music Superstore. Shop online at www.coopermusic.com to find the best digital pianos from Yamaha, and to inquire about a piano you had your eye on purchasing. Cooper Music Superstore can also be reached at (404) 329-1027 if you want more information on a specific model. These digital pianos are great for novice and professional players alike. They would also be good for the household of an aspiring musician.

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Yamaha Piano, New Or Used?

Posted by Blake Cooper

Sep 4, 2012 7:00:00 AM

Even though Yamaha Corporation is a multifaceted establishment, initially, it was focusedyamaha pianos only on keyboard instrumentation for the piano and reed organ. Nevertheless, the establishment’s insignia is still the same to this day, and its industry covers a variety of products including home appliances, motorcycles, and many more. In the musical instrument industry, Yamaha remains the largest manufacturer of quality parts for instruments. A new and used Yamaha Piano are certainly sought after by many pianists - professionals or amateurs. The pianos have graced many stages of concert halls all over the world and they have never failed to live up to their reputation.

The establishment produces different sizes and styles of pianos. You will find a variety of finishes and woods, as well. While there is no denying that the resonance of sound produced by Yamaha pianos are first-rate and flawless, it is imperative to know only few homes are able to accommodate the size of the pianos, especially if you are looking at buying a grand piano. Additionally, the price tag plays a huge part in making a decision. Below, you will find different types of Yamaha pianos.

Upright Pianosupright pianos

An upright Yamaha Piano has numerous heights, finishes, and cabinetry. The height of the piano is measured from the top of the piano to the floor. The height and width is perhaps the most important factors that influence the volume and tone quality. The taller the piano, the longer the strings are and they are able to produce louder sounds due to the bigger soundboards. The most affordable upright piano and the shortest is the spinet piano, which is about 36” to 39” in height. The console piano stands at 40” to 43”, whereas the studio piano is 44” to 48” tall. Studio pianos are normally used in living rooms, studios, and schools. Professional upright pianos stand at 48” to 53” and they may have larger soundboards and longer strings compared to smaller grand pianos.

Grand Pianos

This type of pianos varies in sizes and finishes. A grand piano is measured from the front of the keyboard to the very end of the piano. The lid is closed to obtain a precise measurement. Grand pianos have become more popular over many years and a large number of owners have enjoyed them for generations. The smallest grand piano is less than 5’ to 5’2” and it is known as a baby grand piano. People love the baby grand piano because of its size, which fits in many living rooms. The medium size of this type of piano stands at 5’3” to 7’2” and it has longer strings and a larger soundboard. Due to its tone and volume quality, many piano teachers, serious amateurs, and schools, as well as universities prefer the medium grand pianos. The concert grand pianos run from 7 foot to 9 foot and they are normally used in auditoriums, churches, public performances, and concert halls.

Digital Pianosdigital pianos

Many people buy a new or used digital Yamaha Piano for various reasons, such as:

- It can easily be moved from one place to another
- It has all the extras to enjoy
- It does not require tuning
- It has playback and recording devices
- It is affordable

This type of piano cannot replace traditional acoustic pianos in terms of touch and tone. Even though its sounds have been recorded with real instruments, it cannot be compared with high-quality sounds from acoustic pianos. Digital pianos are ideal for people who enjoy different instrument sounds such as woodwinds, strings, and many more. Bands or individual musicians will find these pianos to be first-class.

If you are planning to buy a piano, research is vital, because there are many types, styles, sizes, and finishes available.

Which type of piano, new or used, do you think suits you and your family the best?   

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Yamaha Digital Piano And The Different Lines

Posted by Blake Cooper

Aug 8, 2012 7:00:00 AM

When most people are looking to buy a piano, they probably don't immediately think of digital pianos.yamaha digital piano

While it's true that a digital piano can never truly replicate the range and expression of an actual concert grand, they can in fact come pretty close. These instruments are generally smaller, lighter, and more portable than a real piano, and can be excellent for musicians on the road. They also require far less maintenance, and can easily interface with modern computers and MIDI equipment.

The Yamaha digital piano is probably the most popular and most common in the world. As a leader in both musical instruments and electronics, Yamaha has been positioned for decades to define the state-of-the-art in digital music, which they have through their extensive digital piano line.

Let's take a look. But first...

What's The Difference Between a Yamaha Digital Piano and a Synthesizer?

There is a significant difference between a digital piano and a “synthesizer,” although they are certainly close cousins. Unlike synthesizers, which are jacks-of-all-trades that attempt to recreate dozens or hundreds of different instruments and sound effects, digital pianos are restricted to nothing but piano and organ sounds. By focusing in this way, they can create much more accurate piano effects than their less-specialized cousins.

Also, a Yamaha digital piano has a number of features that make it more piano-like. The keys are generally weighted to give a more accurate feeling. Yamaha also has a number of innovations such as the “graded hammer” technology in their Clavinova line which recreates the hammer action of a traditional piano keyboard, having a hammer trigger the sound rather than your own keypress. They also sell stands as well as pedal peripherals.

The Yamaha Digital Piano Lineup

Compact \ Standalone Modelsyamaha pianos

At the bottom of Yamaha's digital piano lineup, at least price-wise, are their P-Series and Portable Grand models. These are designed similarly to traditional synthesizers, as an all-in-one keyboard which stands alone from any other equipment.

These lack many of the features of the larger models, such as the hammer action, but make up for it with their portability, versatility, and relatively low price point. Many of these also include built-in speakers, removing the need for any additional equipment.

The MODUS Series

With the MODUS line of Yamaha digital pianos, Yamaha has created a digital piano which has both beauty and great sound. These have Yamaha sound and build quality at their heart and can be wonderful instruments to play on, including real wood keys on many models.

However, they are meant at least as much as display pieces. Most of the MODUS series comes with a subscription to Yamaha's own streaming MODUS radio, which allows these pianos to connect to the internet and stream pieces which are then played live, complete with player piano-style automatic key movements.

The ARIUS Series

For experienced players who want a great piano experience, there is the ARIUS line. Tdigital pianohese upright-style digital pianos come in their own cases, complete with pedals, creating a look which is both classic and modern.

With full 88-key keyboards, and a hammer action, ARIUS digital pianos feel remarkably like a real piano. And thanks to Yamaha's Dynamic Sampling System, the sound quality is quite life-like. These can be an excellent substitute for a real upright.

The Clavinova Line

Yamaha's top-of-the-line Clavinova digital pianos aim to recreate the concert grand experience as accurately as possible. Their Clavinova grands come in full-size grand piano cases, and in many cases attempt to utilize actual soundboards to help enhance the piano sound.

Plus, the keyboard and pedals are exactly the same as those found on actual grands, giving it a far more realistic feel than virtually any digital keyboard on the market. Their RGE Sound Engine also allows for far better expression and sound quality than any competitor.

What types of Yamaha digital piano have you tried, and what did you think?  




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Yamaha Pianos And The Concert Hall

Posted by Blake Cooper

Jul 5, 2012 7:00:00 AM

yamaha pianoThere are many different brands of pianos available to accommodate the different playing styles and preferences of musicians. However, no other piano has a reputation comparable to that of Yamaha. Recognized around the globe, Yamaha stands out from the rest because of it's quality, value and long standing history. Whether it be for learning to play at home or putting on a performance in a concert hall, Yamaha pianos are an excellent fit.

When performing in a concert hall, musicians need the most advanced and quality instruments available. Many well known musicians feature Yamaha grand pianos during concert, such as Elton John and Paul McCartney. I have heard these musicians play and the sound that comes out of their pianos is both beautiful and powerful. Yamaha pianos are prestigious instruments which have multiple features that make them a top choice among professional musicians.

Superior Quality
Since Torakusa Yamaha first created his first grand piano in 1902, the company has worked diligently to master and perfect every aspect of the instrument. A piano should be a once in a lifetime investment and therefore I consider quality a top factor when making that purchase. Yamaha has that covered, as each piano is crafted with care and integrity, using the highest quality materials along with accurate and careful manufacturing systems.

Brilliant Sound
Grand pianos are made with long strings which produce wider overtones and provide accurate vibrations, which together result in intense and brilliant sound. Yamaha goes even deeper in their design by using the duplex scaling system. This system allows resonance in the portion which is normally unused in the typical piano. Instead of yamaha digital pianodampening the sound, the duplex scaling system allows resonance and therefore the notes I play are greatly enhanced.

Responsive Keys

Grand pianos are made to respond quickly. This is made capable because of double escapement technique of the piano. What this means is that after the hammer hits the string, the lever immediately catches the hammer again. By doing so the key can be played repetitively. When playing a variety of music styles this feature can prove to be very helpful and can bring even more enjoyment to playing. Creative composers may also like this additional attribute as it allows for more variety.

Due to how the touch responses can be affected by changes in the wood rails over time, Yamaha has developed and uses aluminum alloy action rails for their pianos. These provide several more years of stability and prevent premature changes in the rails.

C7 Grand Piano
The C7 piano is part of the conservatory concert collection. This large beautifully designed piano, produces full and rich sound. The C7 is very responsive, produces brilliant sounds and can endure constant use from hours of practicing and playing. These attributes have made the C7 a staple at many music schools and a leading choice for public concerts.

yamaha pianosYamaha CFX
In the grand piano family, the CFX is the largest. It is also the finest and most costly piano. These are handmade, from the piano itself to the bass strings and hammers. Because of it's enhanced sound, responsive touch and durability, the CFX has become one of the most used Yamaha pianos in concert halls around the world.

Electric Grands
A different option to the typical grand piano is a Yamaha digital piano. Dubbed the "electric grand", these pianos became instant sensations when first developed in 1976. They are smaller in size, lightweight and mobile. But, not to be fooled by their size, these digital pianos produce dynamic and authentic sound. They have proven to be instruments of convenience, specifically designed for live performances. These pianos have the immense power to stand out and take center stage even when surrounded by a full band.

When looking for the power and brilliant sound needed for concert hall performances, Yamaha pianos are a top rated choice. If you own one of these prestigious instruments, what is one of your favorite qualities?    

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