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What The Steinway Offers To Piano Players

Posted by Blake Cooper

Aug 29, 2013 7:00:00 AM

Steinway pianos have a lot to offer those who love this particular type of musical instrument. steinwayThe production of a grand piano takes an estimated 12 months to complete. This includes the two months that it takes to dry and season the wood and three months to wait for the pianos to leave the manufacturers in New York and Hamburg.

Each upright and grand piano are thoroughly handcrafted during the manufacturing process. The challenge is to ensure every musical instrument is faultless in its own extraordinary way. Every piano dealer, technician, and seller will categorize a used piano in a dissimilar way, and to ensure you understand it, I have broken it down into seven easy classifications.

• Original – This category is rather obvious. They are pianos that have never gone through a reconstruction or had their components replaced since the day they were manufactured. These pianos are normally under 20 years of age.

• Shell – This category is for pianos that have never been restored. In general, these pianos are not in playing condition. Most of them are not useable at all. They are often compromised, damaged, or neglected, and have had no maintenance or never been serviced for a very long time.

• Rebuilt – The pianos under this classification had all their parts reconstructed to their original form. A number of the major parts that are regularly restructured are the action parts, the soundboard, the bridges, and the case.

• Stein-was – These are Steinway pianos that have had one or several components replaced with other brands’ parts.

• Heirloom collection – The pianos under this classification are those available through certified dealers. Each piano carries a 5-year warranty as a new piano with authentic components. A Certificate of Authenticity and a medallion distinguish every one of these pianos.

• Repaired – These pianos have had their parts repaired in due course without replacing any of their major parts. In addition, they have been maintained and are capable of being played on a daily basis. Nonetheless, the major components might likely need to be replaced in the future.

• Factory refurbishment – These are the ones that were refurbished by the Restoration Center in NYC and have had the original components replaced with authentic components.

Steinway Company has many models to offer, such as:

Model D – Concert Grand

Height – 8’11” – ¾”

Width – 61 ¼”

Weight – 990 pounds

Model B – Music Room Grand

Height – 6’11”

Width – 58”

Weight – 760 pounds

Model A – Parlor Grand

Height – 6’2”

Width – 57 ¾”

Weight – 695 pounds

Model O – Living Room Grand

Height – 5’10 ¾”

Width – 57 ¾”

Weight – 616 pounds

Model M – Medium Grand

Height – 5’7”

Width – 57 ¾”

Weight – 560 pounds

Model S – Baby Grand

Height – 5’1”

Width – 57 ½”

Weight – 540 pounds

K-52 Uprightsteinway pianos

Height – 52”

Width – 60 ¾”

Weight – 600 pounds

1098 Upright

Height – 46 ½”

This model is widely used in various institutional settings for many years. It features the Accelerated Action and strategically and massive backposts. It is extremely well used in music schools and conservatories.

45-10 Upright

This piano also comes in a cabinet style that is specially created for the home. It offers every single thing that is found in the Sketch 1098. It is a very sturdy instrument and with its beautiful aesthetic value, you can never go wrong with it.

Which is your favorite Steinway piano? 

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5 Features Of The Steinway Baby Grand Piano

Posted by Blake Cooper

Aug 15, 2013 7:00:00 AM

The Steinway baby grand piano is smaller than the grand piano, and it is praised by numerous steinway baby grand pianospeople for its full and resonant sound. It is an ideal option for people who want the similar amazing sound offered by grand pianos, but smaller and at a more affordable price.

Five Features of a Baby Grand Piano

- It is shorter than the grand piano

- It consists of thicker and shorter strings compared to a full-sized grand piano

- Regardless of its size, it is able to emanate a sound that is extremely rich

- Oak or mahogany is normally used to manufacture a baby grand

- Even though it is low-priced compared to other grand pianos, it is exceptionally stunning

On average, any type of piano that is shorter than 6 ft is considered a baby grand. Typical measurements of these pianos are:

- Baby Grand

4’11” to 5’11”

- Petite Grand

4’5” to 4’10”

As I mentioned above, this musical instrument is a perfect choice for players who want the sophistication of a grand piano in a smaller room. It stands about 5 ft tall, thus, it is able to suit any décor of most rooms in a home. When it comes to planning where to place the Steinway baby grand piano, it is imperative that you choose a room or space that is far from any sources of draft or heat. This certainly includes ceiling vents, windows, doors, heat exchange, and radiators. Since it is made from wood, it is prone to warping, which can damage it irreparably and harmfully affect the sound. It should be ideally situated in rooms that are kept at a moderate and steady temperature.

Another concern when it comes to the location is the acoustics of the area. Keep in mind that the sound emanated by the baby grand will be reproduced off the floors, walls, windows, and furniture in the room. The reverberation will be negatively or positively affected by the position and the nature of those facets in the area relative to the baby grand. Rooms with hardwood floors are the best selection, as they offer superior reverberation that augments the resonance of the musical instrument. You need to remember that heavy draperies and thick flooring will take in the sound and reproduce it too, thus influencing how the sound is perceived.steinway pianos

If you are convinced that you need a Steinway baby grand piano, you will be happy to know that you can easily find one at any reputable musical instrument stores. Most stores have all the baby grand models from this manufacturer. It is essential that you visit and buy only from a highly regarded source. If it is at all possible, you should test the baby grands prior to purchasing one, so that you can hear the rich sound with your own ears. If this is your first time buying a musical instrument, I highly recommend that you bring an experienced pianist or a piano teacher with you. He or she is able to help you determine which baby grand is suitable for your musical needs.

The acoustic pleasure, elegance, and exquisiteness that a Steinway baby grand piano can add to an institutional or a home has certainly given rise to the reputation of this classic musical instrument. If the typical grand piano is not within your spatial restraints and financial means, you should opt for a baby grand for sale. With affordable baby grands, just about everyone can take pleasure in the advantages of having the musical instrument in their humble abode.

Do you think the features of a particular piano are important when making a purchase? 

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How Much is Your Steinway Grand Piano Worth?

Posted by Blake Cooper

Jan 30, 2013 7:00:00 AM

A few months ago, a friend of mine inquired about a Steinway grand piano, and the first thing I Steinway grand pianostold him was that there are no two grand pianos from Steinway that are the same. Since 1853, Steinway Company has crafted pianos individually. Each unit is unique, which is why when people decide to sell their units for various reasons, they will hire a professional to determine the value of their units to ensure that they sell them at the best price. Below are several things you need to consider if you are thinking of selling your grand piano:

The Style of the Musical Instrument

From my experience, I know that people who have a taste in pianos will buy any used units that are still in style and in a good condition. The fact of the matter is that most styles will never go out of fashion, as these musical instruments are created to last a lifetime. Steinway pianos are normally designed to suit any period setting or style.

If you have an ebony grand piano, people who want a professional look for their home will certainly be interested in your unit. On the other hand, a classic ebony spade-leg will be ideal for buyers who are looking for a timeless and classic look. Determine what style you have and ensure that you let the buyers know, so that the right people will be in contact with you.

The Size of the Steinway Grand Piano

The size of the piano does play a part when it comes to selling it. People who have limited space available would not even consider buying one unless the measurements can fit the space that they allocated for the musical instrument. If you are placing an advertisement in regards to selling the unit, you need to include the measurements. Rule of thumb is to allocate space that is four times bigger than the unit is. If you have a grand piano template, it would be easier for buyers to visualize the size when they come to view the unit.

The Sound that Emits from the Unitsteinway piano

When professional pianists or RPTs evaluate the unit, they will most likely check the sound first. The sound normally determines the value of the Steinway piano, aside from the aesthetic. They will check for clarity, richness, depth, loudness, and level of brilliance. If you have been taking good care of your unit and if it is regularly tuned, you will find that your unit will be extremely valuable. People will buy pianos based on the sound that emanates from them, thus, if your unit produces the precise sound and tone, it will usually be snatched up right away.

The Sensation of Your Grand Piano

The touch of the unit is just as important as the sound. Every time I visit a new piano store, I will play several units to feel the true sensation. It gives me great pleasure when I come across a unit that has the best touch response, as it makes it very easy for me to play a particular piece or even to compose my own song. The RPTs will definitely check the sensation of your Steinway grand piano to determine its worth. As soon as he or she has evaluated the unit, he or she will tell you the actual value of your piano.

Keep in mind that it is entirely up to you to decide if one evaluation is enough. However, I would advise you to get several evaluations done by different professional pianists or RPTs. (Registered Piano Technicians)  


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Steinway Is A Great Name- Mason Hamlin Is A Great Piano

Posted by Blake Cooper

Nov 13, 2012 7:00:00 AM

Whesteinwayn people think of a great piano most will think of a Steinway piano. However, when purchasing your own great piano for your home; is Steinway the best option? Have you considered other high quality options such as Mason & Hamlin?
Throughout my career I've seen and heard a wide variety of pianos, all with good and less good aspects. While Steinway is the name that everyone knows it's not necessarily the best piano for every situation. 

If you were to take a poll you might be surprised by the results; many pianists and amateurs alike prefer the sound of a Mason & Hamlin. They're known to have a deep and lush tone, a powerful bass and a clearly articulating treble, often referred to as very American and very similar to a Steinway. Yet, it's important to mention that having your piano voiced and regulated by a fabulous technician, followed by regular maintenance will improve the sound of any instrument, sometimes with near shocking results. Equally important to consider; a piano with a great name but without great care may never again sound as good as it once did, or it's lesser-known counter parts.

The touch of the keys is another crucial factor when judging pianos. You want the keys to respond easily but with intention. The same way that maintenance improved sound it will also improve the feel of the piano. And, a piano that's been ignored and fallen into disrepair may never feel the same as it once did, while the potential of a lesser known but better cared for piano will continue to grow.

A Brand You Can Trust
Just because Mason & Hamlin is the lesser known brand don't be fooled! They are known for creating a quality piano on par with any other. There are reviews out there that will attest to the fact that both brands of piano, with appropriate maintenance, are to be trusted.

Investment Valuepiano
Since Steinway has the better name a well taken care of instrument will have a better resale value than a Mason & Hamlin in the same condition. However, you'll also have to have paid a higher price originally. When all is said and done this is going to be your piano. When your children are practicing after school, or you and your loved ones are crowded around it for a special event, or you're taking a moment to play your favorite piece you won't be thinking about the numbers.

Steinway or Mason & Hamlin; you're choice should come down to what you feel is important to yourself and your family.  Be honest with yourself about your priorities, make sure you're not falling for the brand because of the name, or convincing yourself you can live with something you don't really love because it's a little bit cheaper. Sit at the piano, touch the keys, and purchase the one that feels right for you. Your piano will be bringing life and fun and music into your house for years to come, it's an investment towards the happiness of your family; choose the piano that sounds and feels best and you can't go wrong!

How did you and your family choose their piano? We'd love to hear about it in our comments section!  




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Steinway Grand Piano: From New York & Germany Only

Posted by Blake Cooper

Aug 27, 2012 3:00:00 PM

Before you buy a Steinway grand piano, it is imperative to understand there are no two stienway grand pianosSteinway grand pianos that are alike. As individuals, we have special characteristics that appeal to others, hence, each Steinway grand piano has its extraordinary characteristics as well. Steinway has handcrafted each piano to its own individuality since 1853 and it comes originally from Germany and New York. When you decide to buy a Steinway piano, focus on your particular needs, personality, and expectations. Below are some attributes you should consider on the purchase of Steinway pianos.


Think about the feeling and style you want to get across in the room or space in which you will place the grand piano. If your room or area is designed in a particular period setting or style, you should search for a Steinway piano to match the style. For a professional look, you can choose an ebony piano or for a timeless and classic look, opt for the classic ebony spade-leg.


You should certainly consider the size of the Steinway grand piano when you are planning to buy one. If you are buying a grand piano for its harmonic richness and tonal quality, you should buy the largest piano possible for the space or room. Each room is acoustically different, which makes it difficult to establish this general rule. However, to simplify matters when it comes to placing the piano, it is best to find a room that is four times bigger than the grand piano. Check with your local dealer if he or she can provide you with a grand piano template. This might make it easier to visualize the different sizes available to you.


The sound that comes from the piano is paramount to all piano players. In fact, it is the most important thing in purchasing a grand piano. The sound of Steinway pianos can be classified in many areas, which can be broken down into:

• Clarity

• Richness

• Level of brilliance

• Depth

• Loudness

Some grand pianos sound shallow, warm, and in others, they produce deep sounds. The qualitysteinway of the piano is reliant on the computation of the parts, such as the woods. Every Steinway grand piano utilizes the same quality and species of wood for each piano. The sounds are different due to the variant of woods. Akin to people, trees are not the same with one another. While there are a variety of sounds, you should pick a piano based on the sound that it produces.


When you hear pianists mention the term, sensation, it usually pertains to the feel or touch of the piano keys. This is another important element when choosing a Steinway grand piano. From the moment, the sound is selected; the touch should be next in line. Steinway pianos are designed with a feature to allow performers with the greatest control over the sound of the pianos.

Now that you know what to look for when you buy a grand piano, you should learn the basics of caring for it. Some of the basics include where to place it, what to place on it, and other useful pointers. Adhering to a list of “do’s and don’ts” will help in preserving the grand piano. It will allow you to use it for every day practice, for Sunday tea concert, for a romantic night in, or most other occasions.

It is advisable that you dedicate a room especially for the grand piano, as this will allow you to devote all areas of the room’s distinctive dynamic towards the piano. By doing so, you will enjoy proper and perfect sounds from it. Avoid placing the piano close to a window without any sun protection. Ensure that you regulate the moisture content in the chosen room or area.

Would you consider buying a Steinway grand piano that does not suit your personality?  




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Steinway Piano Compared To Schimmel Piano

Posted by Blake Cooper

Jul 11, 2012 7:00:00 AM

Steinway PianoFor Atlanta-area music enthusiasts in search of a new piano, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you will never be limited on your options for a new instrument. The bad news is that with so many choices, it is not always easy to make your selection with confidence.

Two of the most respected manufacturers are Steinway & Sons and the Schimmel Piano Company. Because each of these provide high quality instruments, it is difficult to determine which will be a better fit for you personal needs and preferences. To aid in your decision making process, we will take you on a quick crash course in the difference between a Schimmel and a Steinway piano.

General Company Information

As you make your choice between Schimmel or Steinway pianos, you must be informed about the companies themselves. Understanding the background of each and the products which are manufactured by the two will give you a frame of reference to begin making your selection. Here, we will explore the origins of both Steinway & Sons and Schimmel, and where they are today.

Steinway Pianos

  • History: The Steinway & Sons Piano Company was founded in 1853 by Henry Steinway. The influence of this piano manufacturing company still has a major affect on the production of instruments today. In the original Manhattan-based Steinway & Sons steinway and sonscompany, each piano was crafted individually, one at a time. This tradition carries over to the modern piano as the skills and workmanship to create each piece is passed down through the generations.

  • Today: Steinway pianos continue to shine today as they are carefully crafted for optimum performance. The Steinway & Sons Piano Company takes pride in the production of grand pianos. This includes concert grands, baby grands, medium grands, and music room grands. Reproductions of Louis XV and Chippendale grands can also be found. In addition to these, Steinway pianos features three distinct models of upright pianos. The three uprights in production by  Steinway pianos include those designed in the same fashion as the original, introduced in 1903. Also featured are the  Sheraton which is designed to replicate 18th century models, and the Model 1098 - a modern model of the upright. Lastly, you will find Steinway pianos which include limited editions and art case pianos which are crafted from rare materials and woods for truly dramatic style.

Schimmel Pianos

  • History: The Schimmel Piano Company was founded not in the United States like Steinway, but in Germany. This manufacturing company was established approximately 30 years after Steinway, in 1885, and still remains run by the family name to this day.

  • Today: The pianos which are produced by Schimmel are inclusive of both individual and professional needs. Professionals will tend to lean toward the Konzert line of grand pianos and upright pianos, whereas the Classic line is more suited for individual needs within a home or place of worship or business. the Schimmel Piano Company produces another line of pianos, The Vogel, which features uprights and grands with an emphases on technical details and sensitivity. Families and individuals who are on a budget will find the perfect Schimmel Piano from the May Berlin Selected line.

A Quick and Easy BreakdownSchimmel Piano

So what does this all mean for you? Now that you have an understanding and a feel for where both Steinway and Schimmel came from and where they are today, it's time to take a look at a direct breakdown of the each company:

Steinway Pianos

  • Manufactured in the U.S and Germany

  • Associated with high quality

  • Prestigious brand which comes with "bragging rights"

  • Features a quality lacquer finish

  • Associated with a higher price

Schimmel Pianos

  • Manufactured in Germany

  • Associated with excellent craftsmanship

  • Known for durability

  • Features a polyester finish

  • Associated with a lower price

Putting It All Together

Because both Schimmel and Steinway pianos are carefully crafted by professionals with extensive experiences, it all comes down to personal preference. What matters most to you: Price? Country of manufacture? Appearance? The hard facts are here, but the decision is yours.

What will it be? Steinway or Schimmel?   






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Which Steinway Pianos Are From China

Posted by Blake Cooper

Jul 3, 2012 7:00:00 AM

grand pianosThere are piano brands people have heard about and then there are brands that cause your fingers to tingle. Steinway pianos is one of those trademark names that have that effect on piano players. Any piano musician would love the opportunity to sit before a Steinway piano and play their favorite melody. Simply writing this, makes me want to play.

Founded in New York City in 1853 by German immigrant Heinrich Engelhard Steinway,  A Steinway piano is by far one of the most famous piano brands and for good reason. Steinway pianos are built using high quality parts and intricate detailing. They have been recognized with numerous awards since they were first introduced. Steinway Halls, showcasing these beautiful instruments can be found all over the world. It is no wonder why they are the number one top selling brand in pianos. However, with this name  also comes a hefty price tag. In order to compare the options, I was curious if there are any Steinway pianos from China.

To my surprise, I found that China in fact does manufacture pianos for Steinway and Sons at Pearl River Piano Group. This is the largest piano manufacturer and factory in the world. The models are listed under the Essex piano line and are produced at Pearl River for substantially less than the Steinway pianos manufactured in New York City and Hamburg, Germany. The pianos built in China are made more specifically for entry level musicians and are manufactured using less expensive parts.

Essex pianos are designed by Steinway using the latest specifications and standards.  The Essex brand incorporates many of the Steinway refinements and features that make the Steinway name so popular. Steinway and Sons is committed to producing eessexxcellent and quality pianos and therefore they provide on going assistance to China for the production of the Essex brand. This ensures that each piano meets the exact specifications required by Steinway. Furthermore, before leaving the factory the pianos are individually inspected by highly trained and experienced Steinway and Sons technicians, who have a permanent office located in Shanghai, China.

With the Essex brand piano line, there are many options to choose from.  Steinway has designed both grand pianos and uprights. For the Essex grand pianos there are two different styles available, including Classic and French Provincial. Likewise, there are two sizes to choose from as well, consisting of the 5'1" EGP-155 model and the 5'8" EGP-173 version. Additionally, they come in a variety of satin luster finishes and both regular and exotic veneers.

The Essex upright pianos are produced using nine different styles and various leg designs. Additionally, they are built with picture framed front panels, decorative music desks and highly molded top lids. The upright pianos include different sizes including the 42" EUP-108 continental version, the 44" EUP-111 console, the 46" EUP-116 studio model and the 48" EUP-123 traditional version. With the variety of styles and sizes to choose from, there is bound to be an steinway pianosEssex piano that is just the right fit for any home. 

Grand pianos made in China may not be built using the same materials as those built in the Steinway and Sons factories, but the quality and specifications are guaranteed to fit the Steinway name. The Essex brand line is the ideal way to get the Steinway name, without having to pay the Steinway price.

If your pocket book can't afford one of the traditional Steinway pianos, the Steinway-designed Essex brand is an excellent choice. With this option, you too can enjoy playing on a Steinway piano in your very own home. Did you know that there were Steinway pianos from China? Have you played one, and if so what did you think of it?  







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Steinway Baby Grand Piano Models

Posted by Blake Cooper

Jun 27, 2012 7:00:00 AM

Ask just about anyone you happen to meet which company produces the best pianos, and they'll say "Steinway." The name itself conjures up visions of hushed concert halls, lush sounds reverberating throughout, with the greatest pianists in the world producing the greatest music in the world.

baby grand pianosI've never had the honor of playing a Steinway for more than a few minutes, but I understand the appeal. It's not just an instrument; it's a centerpiece, a conversation starter, and a piece of piano history.

Many people out there would love to own a Steinway, but are held back by a number of factors. One of the most common, in fact, is one of space. You want a Steinway to have a room that fits it. However, there is a solution: the Steinway baby grand piano.


Introducing the Model S Steinway Baby Grand Piano

At only 5'1", the Model S is a Steinway baby grand piano that fits into your home and into your life. Despite being among Steinway's smallest offerings, it still produces the rich, full sound that defines Steinway.

Steinway began manufacturing the Model S in the 1930s, and their dedication to quality has not wavered. Just as they have for decades, each Model S baby grand is hand-crafted and takes steinwaynearly a year to produce.

The Model S is produced from the finest mahogany, spruce, maple, and pine woods available, each wood chosen for its ability to enhance the instrument. The mahogany in the rim is laminated 12 times, hard enough to prevent warping and damage, while the spruce braces provide tensile strength. All this is accented with strong, durable pure brass hardware.

For a piano lover, a Model S Steinway baby grand piano could be the only piano you'd need to buy, and it would stay in your family for generations.

Other Steinway-Produced Baby Grand Pianos

There is, of course, one other major barrier to Steinway ownership: the price. This level of hand-crafting and quality materials demands a high price that not all can meet. However, for those who want the Steinway baby grand piano quality in a more affordable form, Steinway produces pianos under two other names: Boston and Essex.

The Boston GP-156PE

The Boston brand was introduced to produce mid-range pianos that allow far more people to afford a Steinway-produced piano, but without paying for quite the same level of materials and craftsmanship. The Boston line is still produced adhering to the highest standards of quality, made with with high-quality spruce and maple, guaranteeing a long life.

The GP-156PE is the Boston baby grand piano model, also measuring 5'1". One aspect that makes these baby grands unique is their reduced string tension, which gives them a lyrical, "singing" quality that is quite distinct among baby grands. They also feature innovative space-saving soundboard designs that allow them to produce a sound equivalent to a significantly larger instrument.

A Boston baby grand allows you to have Steinway quality without paying a Steinway price.

The Essex EGP-155

Essex is Steinway's entry-level brand, aimed at newcomers to piano ownership. While the most inexpensive of Steinway's brands, they are still among the best pianos available for the money. They continue to incorporate many of the revolutions that Steinway has introduced to pianos, but at a substantially lower price point.

Further, the Essex line has been designed in collaboration with renoSteinway Baby Grand Pianowned designer William Faber, to produce a beautiful instrument that looks far nicer than its price might suggest.

This baby grand is still made of nothing but wood and high-quality metals, with no plastic anywhere in the production. The sound is exceptional for the price. If you want the quality of a Steinway baby grand piano on a budget, this is the piano for you.

In short, no matter your budget, there's a Steinway baby grand piano that you could own!

Share your Steinway stories! What experiences have you had with these majestic instruments?  






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Piano Prices On The Different Styles

Posted by Blake Cooper

Jun 15, 2012 7:00:00 AM

One of the greatest things about the piano market is the range of options available to suit any budget. No matter whether you're looking for a cheaper or pre-owned model, or you want to invest in a top-of-the-line Steinway, there are piano prices which will suit your budget. There's Steinway Pianono reason you should have to go without the piano of your dreams.

However, I remember when I was first looking for a piano for my own home, this incredible range of options can also be somewhat overwhelming. So, I thought I would take a few minutes and discuss some of the most popular brands and styles of pianos, as well as the sorts of prices you might expect to pay for one.

Piano Prices Guide For New Buyers

Steinway & Sons

Hailed universally as the single finest pianos on the market, Steinway pianos have maintained a reputation for the highest quality and their products are valued by many of the world's finest concert pianists. A Steinway Piano is also made of the finest woods available, including mahogany. However, this quality does not come cheap. The bottom end of their range generally starts around $20,000 for an upright, and you could be looking at paying over $125,000 for one of their top-grade grand models. A Steinway truly is an investment for generations to come.


This long time Japanese leader in Asian-made pianos has a vast selection of both traditional and electronic instruments, and a reputation for being a good value for the money, with clean action and bright sounds. Their low-end vertical pianos begin in the $5,000 range, with their larger grands generally between $50,000 and $65,000. If you're interested in an electronic model, such as their Disklavier line, these can range all the way from $15,000 up to over $100,000 depending on how many features you want.Piano Prices


Schimmel still maintains its reputation for high-quality instruments. Their Art Collection seeks to change the perception of the piano to a piece of both visual and musical beauty, with a series of beautiful, innovative, and sometimes playful instrument designs. Piano prices begin around $20,000 for verticals and $50,000 for grands, and can range up to around $100,000. The Vogel by Schimmel is starts at $12,000.00


While not as flashy or well-known as some other brands, a Baldwin is an excellent value while still producing pianos that can be found in concert halls worldwide. Their inexpensive models, which are also excellent if you lack floor space, begin at only a little over $3,000. Even their top of the line products run for $50,000 or less. At those prices, they might seem like “beginner's” pianos, but they can compete with the best for sound and quality.

Kohler & Campbell

Kohler & Campbell are one of the bigkohler pianosgest producers of pianos in the world, combining hands-on craftsmanship with computer-aided design and finishing to ensure every model is of high quality. Their instruments are also extremely affordable, with multiple grands available in the $8,000 - $9,000 range, and nothing over around $35,000.

Obviously, this is just scratching the surface of all the possibilities you can investigate when looking for a piano of your own. There are dozens of major manufacturers, each with their own lineup of products and features. If you'd like to do more research for yourself, the Blue Book of Pianos is an excellent place to start when looking at piano prices.

Have you discovered any other good product and price guides for various piano models? Let the world know in our comments!  


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Grand Pianos and Their Makers

Posted by Blake Cooper

May 14, 2012 7:00:00 AM

Baldwin pianosThere is something very special about grand pianos. Perhaps it’s the deep, unsurpassed, rich tonal quality produced when the hammer hits the strings, or the sleek shining finish. Maybe it’s their imposing size, or the fact that their very presence conveys wealth and elegance. It may even be a combination of all of these things – but, whatever it is, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with the sound of a well-played, well-tuned grand piano.

For centuries, people have adored these instruments – placing them in the center of concert stages, ballrooms and other places or gather. However, the true magic of a grand lies in its craftsmanship. Here are some of the top manufacturers of grand pianos:

Baldwin Piano – Until 2008, Baldwin was the largest manufacturer of keyboard style instruments in the United States. However, the company now builds most of their pianos in factories in China. Today the company is a subsidiary of Gibson Guitar, and is still well known for their production of high quality grand pianos and other keyboard instruments.

Steinway – Founded in New York City in 1853 by German-born Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg, Steinway has long remained one of the most prominent piano manufacturers in the world. Known for finely crafted pianos of all types, the company has sold models to famous musicians, royals and other well known people all over the world. In fact, a Steinway grand even sits in The White House.

Yamaha – Today, this Japanese conglomerate produces everything from motorcycles and computer products to power sports equipment and other electronics. However, it was founded in 1887 with only two products – pianos and organs. Today, the company still builds top quality pianos of all types, including a very popular electronic grand.

Kohler and Campbell – This manufacturer was founded in 1896 by Charles Kohler, a factory organizer and John Calvin Campbell, a machinist and inventor. The two men built one of the largest piano companies in the United States – and the company is still alive today. From their very beginning, the company vowed to providegrand pianos the best pianos for their price. The company still lives by this credo and continues to make sophisticated and affordable grand pianos.

Schimmel Pianos– This company, started by another German-born musician, was founded in 1885 and is still owned by the Schimmel family. The manufacturer creates beautiful grand and upright pianos for all sorts of us, but is especially popular for their concert grand pianos.

Knabe – Wm. Knabe & Co. Pianos was founded in Baltimore, MD in the mid 1800s by a former cabinet maker, farmer and music enthusiast from Germany. Over the years, the company was bought out by different corporations, and today the manufacturer is owned by Samick Musical Instruments, who helps to maintain the quality and credibility of their beautiful grand pianos.

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